A Note About the Perverse Obsession with Hymens, Virginity, and Purity

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

I wrote “You Don’t Own Me,” when I was angry and annoyed.

Done with men and their viewpoint about women and our bodies. How it should look and feel. The way we conduct ourselves. Discussions about a man’s penile practices slim to nil. My feelings haven’t changed and the attack on women’s bodies and our sexuality is neither new, more progressive, nor only pushed by men. I had to accept my peers are just as misogynistic, if not more.

It’s disappointing to admit.

The political and religious justifications are nonsensical and rooted in white patriarchy. The “docile” gender argument shares the same roots, along with the ideology that women are incapable of making their own decisions. Fathers publicly admit to inspecting their daughter’s vaginas and seek proverbial high-fives, while remiss of the after-effects they cause.

Because in their minds, girls and women are property.

Control her body, control the world...

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