#CouplesConvo: The 2 in Tarot - Balance in Decision-making

Welcome back to the #couplesconvo series. 

In this post, we cover number two in Tarot.

Although there are seven cards associated with the number two in a traditional Tarot deck, for this series, we'll focus on what I like to the "suits" in the Minor Arcana. The suits focus on our human experience and the ways we endure the "how" and "what" in our lives. The Minor Arcana follows the traditional card structure with number cards ranging from 1-10, along with the four suits: cups (water), pentacles (earth), swords, (air), and wands (fire). 

The number two in Tarot represents duality, of course, but also balance and choices. I find choices to be interesting but when you think about it, the act of decision-making requires active and passive movement and forces us to decide which one of our many "selves" we'll be in any given moment. Choices test the scales of balance and determine if we've made peace with integration or resign to live off-centered.

Additionally, we're challenged by the two in Tarot to expand our physical bodies and our conscious mind. Are we adaptable? Can we see the internal and external as part of our human experience? Are we comfortable residing as both human and Spirit?

How number two manifest in the suits

The Two of Cups represents partnerships. In tandem with The Lovers, the Two of Cups is also associated with marriage; however, it is contingent upon emotional wellness. 

Note: There are 4 cards total in a traditional deck which indicates marriage. Three are discussed in this series.

Can we find peace and fluidity in the merging of two... 

This one of many answers we seek to find in the Two of Cups mystery. Sacred Unions are often found within the Two of Cups, as well as sensual alchemy as water is indicative of our sacral chakra. Transmitting and wielding emotional energy between two souls and even ourselves to complete a cycle is explored here. Love is medicine in the Two of Cups, so we're challenged to explore the ways we can pour into ourselves and our partners to replenish and refill our cups. Giving and receiving is a must and with manifestation interwoven in the pair of masculine and feminine energy, our sex frequency is highlighted. It's important to know whether you and your partner can "birth" and grow your union as one. On this journey, can you and your partner expand your collective territory?

The Two of Pentacles presents challenges and asks if we're able to juggle the lifestyle we've created. In relationships, we manage many aspects of who we are each with a specific purpose. Can we handle the ebb and flow? Traditionally, the Two of Pentacles character is shown juggling two pentacles wrapped in what appears to be a ribbon as the infinity symbol to indicated constant flow. The infinity symbol is also associated with the number eight-- a multiple of two. In this instance, the number eight represents unplanned movements in real-time. As our energy cycles through constant change are we able to keep up? Do we neglect ourselves and/or our partner attempting to balance it all?

Since pentacles are Earth energy, we're required us to ground, so if you find yourself in a Two of Pentacles pickle, consider the ways you and your partner can find stability and security in each other.

The Two of Swords highlights our ability to trust our intuitive knowing. Can we follow our inner compass and trust our higher self always has our best interest? Discernment is a huge theme with the Two of Swords, as we are challenged to open our hearts and quiet our minds. Receptivity is key. Our undivided attention is necessary to receive the messages, clues, and symbols our Divine Army wants us to heed. What do we feel and hear? What red flags appear and what confirmation is evident? We often see the demise or the onslaught of a relationship and choose to ignore the signs. The Two of Swords reminds us ignorance isn't bliss and ambiguity leads us down a path of emotional discord. 

Do you question your partner's actions or motives? 

If so, be willing to seek within for answers and take what you receive at face value. Often what we seek is a lesson in growth and isn't as deep as things appear. We're reminded to trust the Divine is providing what's best for your soul. 

Decisions and choices are at the helm of the Two of Wands. With this energy, we're challenged to reassess our sense of self. Who are we in a relationship? Do we allow relationships and external things to define us? Is our identity rooted in the success of these external factors? All of these questions are explored in the Two of Wands. We've met a crossroad and must decide who we want to be and which part of us do we want to lead. While submission to the world's view seems like the best option, bravery is found with choosing to be our unapologetic self.

Fear is rooted in ego and we often shrink ourselves to fit in a mold or be accepted by those we covet, but is the relationship worth it if we have to dial ourselves down? Is it possible we enter relationships from a space of scarcity and now we're challenged to present ourselves as complete, not a missing piece of a puzzle with a desire to be fixed? The Two of Wands urges us to decide how we want to move forward. How will create this next chapter in our lives? Will we move heart-centered and show up as ourselves or resign to ego and snuff our fire?

We can learn a lot from number two.

Each of these lessons applies to us individually and in partnership. Stay tuned for our next Tarot inspiration, the Eight of Swords. 

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