#CouplesConvo: The 5 in Tarot- A Human Experience

We're back this week with our #couplesconvo theme focused on the number 5 in Tarot.

The five is viewed as the "human" number as it shows our journey through major emotional themes such as disappointment, conflict, and lack. These themes reflect specific periods of change and personal conflict in our human experience adjacent to our relationship with ourselves and our spirituality.

Man (Woman) vs. himself (herself).

Man (Woman) vs. God.

Our five fingers and toes on both our right (masculine/active) and left (feminine/passive) reflect our ebbs and flows as dual beings seeking harmony with self. It also highlights the constant battle to integrate our humanity and divinity and to see ourselves as both--not separate.

The journey of the five begins with the Hierophant, conduit of the Creator and the Shaman who wields wisdom and order. Hierophants are teachers who remind us that structure is necessary to prepare for the blessings and opportunities we seek. Much of a traditionalist, the Hierophant energy in a relationship indicates your partner values certain ideals relative to their upbringing. They have a "head of household" mentality and feel the need to design the rules, values, and guidelines of the relationship. The astrological companion of the Hierophant is Taurus and as much as Taureans love nice things, they crave stability and need order and structure to feel comfortable enough to indulge in the fruits of their labor. If your partner sounds like a "Hierophant," allow them the space to draw their boundaries and express what they value most. Those with Hierophant energy are often willing to find a middle ground with reason, but they need to be seen and heard, not judged.

We continue the journey through the five with the Five of Pentacles. This energy highlights miscommunication of values, being impoverished and experiencing a lack of resources.

In the traditional Tarot deck, the illustration for the Five of Pentacles shows a man and woman walking through a snowstorm. The man is on crutches clearly bruised and battered, while the woman is holding the man as they walk through the storm. In the background is a lit cathedral adorned with five pentacles. The astrological companion here is Mercury in Taurus and boy is that potential for pure stubbornness. When Five of Pentacles energy enters the relationship, the battle between partners is at its wit's end. You've hit a hard bump in the road and while the solution is to accept what the Universe is showing you, both parties involved are trying to save what's already broken. It is possible healing is needed since Earth energy refers to our physical, financial, and sensual resources. Maybe what you thought was the foundation of your relationship wasn't strong enough to sustain the growth or maybe there was no growth at all. The values in the relationship and its structure lack nutrients, so how will you strengthen it? It's possible space and time apart is necessary to revive the relationship, but if neither party will accept the solution, how will you create space to thrive?

Next, we continue our journey and meet the Five of Cups--disappointment. In the traditional deck, we see a somber figure sulking over two cups spilled with three full cups behind waiting to be acknowledged. Often it is not the heartbreak that holds us back, it's the disappointment. The astrological companion to the Five of Cups is Mars in Scorpio and while that energy is transformative, wielded in the wrong direction it can combust and take down everything in its path. Disappointment in relationships is apart of life but we're encouraged to take the meat and discard the bones. What can we learn? How can we best channel this energy? What do we need to be accountable for? The Five of Cups is our reminder that loss leads to gains and with that, we make room for what we need.

On the third leg of our journey, we meet the Five of Wands. Here, we experience the intensity of conflict in our relationships. Emotion discord is awry and no one hears or sees anyone--only their self-serving interests. With the Five of Wands, constant battles and the need to showcase authority are prevalent. The astrological companion is Saturn in Leo and while Saturn's energy is often maternal, under the Five of Wands it's hella masculine. Puffing of the chest is huge here and we're challenged to discern who takes the lead and why. It's clear a voice of reason is needed, so if you find yourself experiencing the Five of Wands in your relationship, a question to ask is: does compromise, for you, equate to being devalued? Once you take a step back from the battle, weigh out the pros and cons of finding a middle ground. Is it worth it? Will things change or is this simply a precursor of what's to come? Can you find harmony or do you accept it was never there, to begin with?

Our final leg of the journey ends with the Five of Swords.

The theme here is defeat.

Swords, we know, reflects our mental capacity, so... what mind games will you play to get what you want? Swords also represent communication so are your words cutting through the bullshit or are they just cutting? There's a victory in the battle but at what cost? Are you willing to compromise yourself, your integrity, your humanity simply to say "I got you"? Often our commitment to being right and being the victor can lead us down a risky path of self-destruction. The astrological companion here is Venus in Aquarius. The "fight for a cause" energy of Aquarius can make us remiss of how our digging and investigative nature can incite harm towards those we claim to love. The upside to this energy is using it to uncover hidden secrets for our own safety. How will we use the intel in this emotional battle? Is it to bring peace or use as ammunition in a circular fight? Five of Swords denotes a battle of the minds but also highlights our shadow to see who's really the weapon of mass destruction. If we lean on the value of altruism and autonomy, it's possible the real victory is simply walking away from a relationship that begets mental strain. Choosing our mental sanctity is always a win--for everyone.

In this journey through the five, we experience the downsides of our relationships. The battles in our human experience can build character or drive us deeper into despair. But, if we persevere, we can meet the emotional celebration and reward found in the Four of Wands--our next theme.

Stay tuned.

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