#CouplesConvo: The Eight of Swords - Rewrite the Story

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

The Eight of Swords is the next archetype in the #couplesconvo series. I find the Eight of Swords to be apropos for a series on couples and romance since it's indicative of what I like to call "mental prisons." The astrological companion to the Eight of Swords is Jupiter in Gemini. A combination of air and fire, the energy is expansive with a bit of discord between our logic and reasoning and our absolute truths since Jupiter harnesses our space of philosophical ideas.

In the traditional design of the card, a woman is halfway enclosed by seven swords with the eighth a few feet away. The eight in Tarot indicates attainment, change, and movement. It is possible for the woman to move; however, the blindfold on her eyes along with the binds on her torso makes her believe she can't.

It's the lie she told herself.

These stories have caused an imbalance in her emotional stability. She's unable to decipher between what's real and her emotions. What's important to note here is that feelings aren't always facts. Because Jupiter is the planet of expansion, whatever we tell ourselves (fact or fiction) is amplified. Have we allowed our personal experiences to amplify what we believe to be fact but are actually the unhealed emotions we've yet to conquer?

Often in relationships, our personal experiences create the rules, values, and beliefs we stand upon. Unfortunately, our negative experiences tend to shape and mold these values, beliefs, and rules which create restrictions on how we enter relationships or who we allow in our space. The boundaries are made out of fear, not self-preservation and the more we encounter people who fulfill the roles of others, the stronger our convictions and the harder it is to break and unlearn these self-sabotaging ways.

My therapist calls this behavior, self-fulfilling prophecies.

The Eight of Swords reminds us of these "mental prisons" we create to show us no one else is in control. We have no warden or guards, except for our ego believing it's protecting us from any further hurt. We're prompted to start our healing journey and release the remnants of heartbreak and deception from past loves.

The Eight of Swords asks: have we moved on and can we move on?

We're called to tap into not just our rational intellect but our emotional intelligence. Are we being gentle on ourselves? Are the ideas we've accepted serving us or have they expired and we're afraid to let go and start anew? It's evident our auric fields are mini landmines ready to activate at any given moment. If you find yourself lashing out at your partner over simple fixes or harboring unsettled emotions, this is your prompt to go within and find the root. The inability to fully commit to a relationship could simply mean you aren't ready and have more self-work to do.

And that is OK.

This is your prompt to do the work to change how you view relationships and the perspective that keeps you stuck in repeated cycles. It's about time to let go of the useful narratives and be brave enough to write new ones. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is a great communicator and paired with Jupiter energy, our personal philosophies on love and relationships are due for an edit.

Don't be afraid of change because it's evitable.

Our next Tarot muse in the #couplesconvo is number five. Time to tackle the discords of our human experience. Stay tuned.

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