#CouplesConvo: The Lovers - Duality in Partnership

Did you know April is Couples Appreciation Month?

I enjoy discussing sex and relationships, and even more with Tarot as my muse. The meanings and stories of the cards are ideal tools since they offer perspective, expansion, and depth of understanding. And while Tarot encourages us to dig deep, we're also encouraged to see things for what they are. Its mysteries provide space for exploration and internal reflection.

To begin the #couplesconvo series, let's start with everyone's favorite relationship card—The Lovers.

One of the first cards I learned, The Lovers is associated with marriage. Although this card isn't always literal, it does refer to a union. The merging of two energies or entities coming together to become whole. The Lovers represent both masculine and feminine energies and though many decks depict these characters are gender-specific, these energies are gender fluid in their expression.

It is through The Lovers, we gain awareness of self and our vulnerabilities, as well as our duality. While the expression of The Lovers appears binary, it's purpose is to show how each of these oppositions exists within us and encourages us to live in harmony with the spectrum ends of ourselves and our partner. In this instance, opposites do attract and we are called to question can we except our and/or our partner's layers?

The Lovers reminds us we are not a monolith.

Are we able to hold space for our and our partner's frequencies to breathe and fluctuate or do we closet ourselves in these binary constructs, forcing stoicism where there should fluidity? 

The astrological companion for The Lovers is, of course, Gemini. Here, we tap into The Lovers' characteristics of being free-spirited, having intellectual prowess and intuitive capacity as air is specific to the mind. In addition, we see the need for effective and open communication and movement. The Lovers archetype highlights humanity and Divinity, so we are also challenged to view ourselves as both human and spiritual and mastering these aspects of ourselves as a harmonious whole.

In terms of relationships, who is the "head" and who is the "legs"? Our masculine (action) and feminine (passive) energy, regardless of how they manifest, must move in synchronicity in order to achieve a common goal. Through marriage and partnership, we are challenged to find the common ground that keeps us centered and tethered to the here and now, as air signs tend to float. 

Can you accept the many layers of yourself and your partner equally? These are initial questions we face when entering relationships and getting to know ourselves in relationships, along with our partner. Don't be afraid to consider the layers.

Keeping in the rhythm of duality, our next theme is number two in Tarot. 

Stay tuned...

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