Hey Beau Hey! You Need an Intimacy Faery to Help You Heaux Properly, Here's Why...

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This one is strictly for my beaus who want to #heauxproperly and responsibly. I understand this life isn’t for everyone, but for those of you with the shits, follow me on this journey.

Sex is a healing tool.

We’ve veered away from how this physical act can impact and benefit our lives. Our individual pleasure hijacked and imprisoned behind abstinence. And while abstaining has its benefits, feeling forced to closet and demonize your desires is the easiest way to resent yourself.

Trust me, I know firsthand.

I created #proheaux, to help us revive the confidence in our sexual expression and assertiveness, and push forth the importance of getting what we want. Part of this is holding space to satiate our desires in various ways to include physical satisfaction, i.e. S-E-X!

In the article, How Casual Sex Helped Me Rediscover Intimacy, I gave a subtle introduction to my “intimacy faery” and while this isn’t the first time I've mentioned him, reliving our encounter made me feel as if I shouldn’t be the only one to have such pleasure at my disposal. Intimacy faeries are Divine. They’re never really in our immediate thoughts but show up right when we need them like clockwork.

Some telepathic shit.

Clueless to you having a sappy day, feeling amorous, or just in need of love, and before you ask the Universe to manifest your heart’s desires, they heard you.

That synchronistic shit.

Often an intimacy faery is hard to recognize because we’re going through so much. I never quite had a clear definition or description of who and what an intimacy faery is; so, to help us get better at recognizing this Divine being I’ll describe the nuances of our relationship to include: how our encounters were refreshing and helped me release excess and dormant energy, gave me clarity, and allowed me to be comfortably assertive.

Though what I describe may edge on modern-day sex work or a fuck buddy, the clear distinctions are expectations and transactions. This separates an intimacy faery from the aforementioned as the one who gives AND receives selflessly and understands and speaks our erotic language.

Recently, I read a tweet that discussed transaction-based relationships being problematic and it spoke to me. With an intimacy faery, there’s no “this for that,” only reciprocity which keeps them aroused because you are. Clear you are a Goddess who deserves reverence and it is their selflessness that makes it easy to return the favor on your own accord.

Surrendering without force and no expectations turn them on most. The more you give back freely, the more they reciprocate the same energy.

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