Satisfy for HER: A Review of Infused Pleasure

I'm embracing adventure as my language of pleasure.

Recently I connected with Satisfy for HER, a Black-owned, woman-owned wellness brand specializing in infused products for women's sexual health. They sent me the Satisfy Bundle to try and ba-beee...

As much as I've praised CBD and infused lubes, this was my first time actually trying some and I was pleased. Included in the bundle are two infused lubes: Satisfy oil (CBD) and Ecstasy oil, Glazed and Blazed Pecans, CannaHoney, and Soothe Tea—an herbal blend curated for vaginal health. 

Of the products I've tried thus far, the oils are a complete hit and the CannaHoney is delicious. I'm saving the pecans and tea for a Moon in Taurus inspired self-care day.

First, the oils.

I used both the Satisfy and Ecstasy oil together and separately. I do not recommend you use them together. If you‘re a stoner, you know certain cannabis strains produce heavy cottonmouth. Can you imagine the same dryness in your vag? Well, let that be a disclaimer. 

I started with the Satisfy oil first and sprayed it on my vulva after I showered in preparation for some experimental play. It's recommended to wait at least 10-30 minutes prior to playtime for maximum results. In this instance, it was three hours after my first application, so my partner and I decided to do another application with the Ecstasy oil for safety. While it definitely increased relaxation and intensity for me; for him, I kept drying out. 

What I learned is that no matter how long the time in between when you first apply the spray and when you play, it doesn't "wear off." You still good down there.

A side effect from mixing the oils, aside from the "cotton vag”...MUNCHIES! I caught a good case of the munchies about an hour or so after application, so be mindful of usage.

My second time using the spray, I tried the Ecstasy oil alone during solo play and the orgasm I got was superb! It added the right amount of wetness needed and increased the intensity of the orgasm. For vulva owners looking to push their body to the limit, definitely use Ecstasy to relax the body enough to overcome the inhibition. You'll feel the orgasm and the sensation is so "satisfying" you'll want to keep going until you eventually squirt.

I definitely squirted.

What I also noticed after the first usage is the natural lubrication of my vulva amplified. The natural wetness most vulva owners tend to have just to keep that areas moisturized and supple, definitely increased. And while all bodies are different, for those who experience vaginal dryness, I encourage you to try the spray for any occasion and notice how your body responds to the oil.

The base is coconut, so while it definitely enhances your natural lubrication, be mindful coconut oil is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic. Our vulva has good bacteria to ensure a natural detox, so you don’t want to fuck up the good pH your body needs. 

Next, the CannaHoney is sweet and smooth.

Just don't take it at night unless you want to go to sleep immediately. It's potent and will have you down for the count before you can even bat an eye. However, it's a great addition to any relaxation regimen or ritual you have. It’s also, a nice switch up from regular honey. 

In all, I highly recommend Satisfy for HER. Their products are an amazing addition to any personal collection for pleasure.

To learn more about Satisfy for HER click here

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