#WednesdayQuickie: Fantasy Flight - Part I

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Was a normal day to take shelter from the heat at my local café. I'm there quite often getting my fix of people watching. A small kink that brought me joy. Though the day opened the door to events unexpected.

Ordered my usual vanilla latte with coconut milk, extra froth, and a hint of vanilla. Sat at the table caddy-corner from the counter but in clear view of the door to enjoy the sights and satiate my inner voyeur. Same folks came through at the top and bottom of the hour. The only difference was the clothes and, sometimes, even that remained the same.

But this day, was different.

A new face strolled in.

Tall, silky Black skin with a medium build. The definition of his arms eked out through his short-sleeved tee. Slightly loose fitted jeans and a pair of chucks. Hairline nicely edged. Neatly coifed beard with a nice amount kink in the hairs. I could tell it was soft to the touch.

To the naked eye, he appeared regular, but I could smell the sex from his aura. It was sweet and Earthy. Musky with a splash of citrus. Maybe I was just smelling his cologne, but whatever the fragrance, it was unique to him. No other man could wear that scent. Everything about him was smooth. From the way reached in his wallet and slid out his debit card, swiped, grabbed his drink, and sipped it slow–all so calculated. Intentional. Each move a curated experience for anyone who cared to watch. And he knew I was watching. Almost as if he performed for me.

A one-on-one show specific to me.

Continued to watch his movements with anticipation.

Curious of the storyline. Patient to uncover his plot or be enthralled by a quick climax.

Just like finding a new favorite place and making plans to visit.

Secretly, I wanted to visit him.

photo credit: Pixx by Panther via Pexels


I’d peek over the frame of my book every now and again. Pretend I was engrossed in whatever I was reading but really, it was him. I was engrossed in him. Noticed he’d check his watch every ten minutes, as if he were expecting something or someone, then take short slurps of his drink after he checked his watch. Not even sure if he savored the blend.

Drank just to drink.

Wiggled his nose after each sip, placed his cup on the table, and stared into space for an additional fifteen. Then checked his phone again. Repetitive movements for about an hour mixed with monotonous scrolling. He seemed antsy. Leaned back and forth often and twiddle his thumbs intermittently. I was intrigued by his quarks. Didn’t seem typical of a man his stature but you can never know these days.

Most aren’t what they appear to be.

Found myself so lost in his awkwardness, didn’t realize he’d gotten up, and made his way to my table. There he was with that musky, citrus fragrance, and that Earthy ass sexiness right in front of me.



He took a sip of his drink.

“I must be interesting to you... cause there’s gotta be a reason you’ve been clocking my time since I walked in.”

I was embarrassed and intrigued.

Liked that he performed for me, despite how odd I may have been.

“I am. I like to watch, and you’ve been a pleasure thus far.”

Continued to stare.

A Black man’s beauty is often dismissed. True works of Divine art that deserve to be admired. So, I sat there and indulged for as long as he allowed. Gave him space to be grand in a place so small.

Reveled in his pleasure.

I’d come into my own and felt confident asserting my sensuality.

Command attention in my own way.

Didn’t realize I’d acquaint myself with someone who’d meet me where I was.

That, I wasn’t prepared for.

He responded to my energy and reached for my hand. Admired my fingers. Nails perfectly manicured with accents unique to me. Rubbed the base of his thumb against the crystals in the rings that dressed my fingers. He liked that I put as much intention into my hands as I did with watching people.

Raised my hand to his face and rubbed the tips of my fingers on his lips.

Grazed them.

Inhaled my skin.

I felt my lower lips moisten.

Hips began to shift in my seat.

Never had anyone give my hands that much attention, but it turned me on in ways I couldn’t describe. He found pleasure in the adventure of me. Discovering unknown erogenous zones. His tongue revealed itself through his parted lips and touched my fingertips. Light licks he impressed upon my fingers. Treating them as if there were his prized possessions. Indirectly giving me a sample of his soft skills.

Without thought, he slid them in his mouth, down his chin, then in mine. The warmth of his mouth compared to mine was incomparable.

He smirked at me.

Then took my hands and guided them to my jeans, near the zipper, pulled the weaving open, and slid my fingers in between.

As if he knew I had no panties on.

I never have panties on.

Made sure my hands stayed nice and wet.

Guided my fingertips along my clit. Just enough to agitate me and cause a bit of a scene but not too much. He wanted me to feel the mystique I adored being a voyeur but now I was the one who was watched.

On display.

It was a different feeling.

He guided my hands outside my jeans, towards his nose and slid them down his nostrils, taking a nice whiff, and into his mouth where he dined on the essence of my fruits.

Treated the nectar from my pussy like a midday snack.

photo credit: Jude Beck via Unsplash

Swirled his tongue around my fingertips and added mystery with each finger lodged between his lips. Felt soft and dewy. Tingly. His jaws contracted and expanded but he kept his eyes on me. Wanted me to know he was committed to what he started.

It was a staring competition to see who’d buckle first.

I convinced myself I was winning but that was a lie.

The more he flicked his tongue around my fingertips, the more my clit tighten with juices from my walls eager to burst. His tongue would peek out from his lips and it turned me on more. While I was being watched, I watched him administer a new wave of pleasure I’d never experienced.

My labia widen.

Could feel my lips expanding in my jeans.

Emerging from the inner folds.

“You know you want to moan.” He chimed. “Don’t fight me… give me just a taste of that soft voice. I’m sure it’s sweet.”

I did my best to resist him at every turn but the more I watched, the more I squirmed, and the more those soft moans I tried to swallow began to emerge. No matter how breathy I got, there was no inhale or exhale that could stop the natural sounds vying to part my lips.

“Sssss…” I squirmed and pushed the sound out my throat.

“Hmm mmm… gimme dat moan, babe.”

His deep whisper sent me on a trip and the more I watched, the more I prolonged the inevitable.

“Mmmmmm…ok, ok…”

I tried to slide my fingers from his mouth, but he sucked and locked them inside his jaw. I tugged a bit more and grazed the tip of my finger with his tongue.

“Sssss… shit!”

And just like that.

I squirted.

He smiled, reached in his pocket, and dropped a card on the table:


“Call me for more.”

Leaned over, kissed me on the cheek, and strolled out the café the same way he came in.

To be continued...

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