#WednesdayQuickies: Inflamed

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Weekly, snackable erotic shorts to satisfy your mind's eye.

Hand of Fatima’s scent filled the room.

A collection of tunes vibrating to the frequency of reddish-orange, reverbed against the walls. Colorful pillows with mini balls, sparkling fabric, and fringes adorned the space.

Near the fireplace, two sat on a fluffy, silver-gray rug. Sensual lighting, empty wine glasses, half-eaten edibles, and exposed bodies quietly explored clandestine fantasies.

They glared the other.

Their stares, intoxicating.

Eyes fixed, they dove deep into a sexual mystery. The energy emitting from their bodies communicated the direction and how deep. Boundaries pushed. Mildly satiated their cravings. Collectively, they wanted more but tried to convince themselves this cerebral playground was enough.

It’d only been a week.

Their attraction, magnetic.

Though music permeated the background, they could hear each other breathe. Raw emotions a new level of vulnerability. A foreign space of intimacy, though the synchronicities on this path were hard to ignore.

Slowly, they closed the space between them. Inched forward and reached for their forearms. Pulled their bodies into a locked position. Legs wrapped firm around waists. A slight thrust forward and sacral bits kissed. Paused. Allowed their physical entities to savor the moment.

The taste of it all.

A Full Moon illuminated the sky.

Telepathic conversations of “move here... no…there,” eked through lusty smirks. One created space between the two and explored lower fruits. Fiddled with the seed and made sure to crack it open. The same hand found its way back up the spine, shoulders, neck, then stopped.

Ensued a firm grip underneath the jaw.

Enforced a new breathing pattern.

The air’s intensity drew dew on the skin. Those same hands spoke a different language and chose to separate, divide, and conquer. One stayed north, while the other found its way back south.

Slid into inner folds.

Explored new terrains.



They slid closer.

Hands slid deeper.

Hesitated to cross a lane.

Sweetness met in the middle.

A moan eked out.

Chest to chest, hips swayed gently against the skin.

Their earthy hues made the perfect blend. Brown eyes so intense they looked, Black. Kinetic connections no longer denied.

Moans grew louder.

Hips circled.

Both hands moved west and east and pushed posterior cheeks into a perfect position. Rolls, thrusts, bounces, all evoked uncontrollable pleasure. Their wells overflowed and imbued their skin.

Middle regions continued to expand and increase pressure.

On the verge of the first release, she was pushed down and met with a nipple pinch. Those same synced hands returned to her throat and spoke with authority, while pleasure proverbs were inscribed inside her lower lips.

Her well sang in ecstasy.

Quivering thighs separated, while another met the access point and two nude pearls commenced to polished each other smooth.

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