About Me

I transmuted my pseudonym into my greatest passion


My entry into eroticism started with my written work as L.T. Robinson and evolved into intimacy and sex education. I created Say It With Sex as a medium to better understand the nuances and synchronicity of sex and spirituality. While embodying my own path of sexual self-expression, I uncovered how this energy and perspective effects, as well as translates across every aspect of our lives.

I desire to live a pleasure-filled life and want to help others do the same. My efforts are placed towards Black and Brown persons with vulvas and those who identify as feminine because I am she and fully understand the difficulty with embracing and standing firm in your sexual preference, expression, values, and beliefs. Our bodies are viewed as sex objects and resources of emulation, not conduits of sex energy. I seek to connect with the collective to de-stigmatize and redefine what sexual liberation looks like for us. 

It isn't always a nip-slip.


As a creative healer, I use these gifts as instruments to unpack our distorted sexual lens. Through content, a strong spiritual foundation, and other educational tools, together as a community,  we peel back the layers and learn our erotic language to better understand who we are in pleasure.

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